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For a Better Alexandria


"My goal is to create a better Alexandria for everyone. I believe in the power of community to shape a brighter future for our city. Join our movement and be a part of the change."

-Celianna Gunderson-

Meet Celianna

I am a single mother of two amazing teenagers. My son is a junior at Alexandria City High School, my daughter is a former Titan that now has a career, taking her across the country to advocate for the constitutional rights of students on our college campuses. As one of three daughters to a U.S. Air Force pilot and a German-Estonian mother, I grew up bilingually and spent most of my life living and traveling abroad. I returned to the U.S. in 1999, landing in Arlington. My family moved to Del Ray about ten years ago.

After having graduated from the University of Maryland, European Campus in Germany, I completed an apprenticeship and received a German Paralegal Degree in International Intellectual Property. I then worked as a paralegal in both Germany and the United States, both in-house for world-wide corporations as well as various law firms. Presently, I work at a small law firm in Old Town. While living in Alexandria, I have been an educator in our Alexandria City Public Schools system and have worked various restaurants in Del Ray. I have also enjoyed the many volunteer opportunities Alexandria City and our school system have offered, whether that be after school tutoring, working events on The Avenue, or fitting children with Halloween costumes.


Celianna on the Issues



“As your City Council representative, I will look to address the issues in public education in Alexandria by promoting school choice and accountability. In order to relieve some of the pressures of our teacher shortage, increase our ability to raise academic achievement, and provide helpful options to our local families, I will advocate for expanding charter schools and voucher programs. However, as a firm believer in public schools, I will work to ensure that our public schools are a choice that parents will want to make for their children. ACPS needs to get back on the Top 10 List”


“I believe that addressing the crime problem in Alexandria, VA, will involve prioritizing law and order measures. This includes increasing police presence and funding, implementing tougher sentencing laws for repeat offenders and promoting community policing initiatives to build trust between law enforcement and residents. As your Councilwoman, I will advocate for policies that support strong families and moral values, as I believe these contribute to a stable society less prone to crime. I will work to promote programs that encourage family cohesion and personal responsibility. Finally, I will emphasize the importance of prioritizing victims’ rights and ensure cooperation with Federal authorities, when appropriate.”


“To address the issue of affordable housing here in Alexandria, I will focus on market-based solutions rather than government intervention. I will advocate for reducing regulations and zoning restrictions that inhibit the construction of new housing units, thereby increasing supply and driving down costs. I will also support initiatives to incentivize private developers to build more affordable housing through measures such as tax breaks or streamlined permitting processes. Furthermore, I will emphasize the importance of economic growth and job creation to uplift individuals and families, enabling them to afford housing through their own means rather than relying on government subsidies. My focus will be to foster a vibrant, competitive housing market that provides options for residents across all income levels.”

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